Let Them See Love: Call for Merit

14 February 2013

This is the second year that we have worked with Thai Red Cross to help them raising awareness for organ and eye donation. Last year, we managed to increase the number of people who signed up to be a donor. However, the number of the actual donations hasn't increased as much because the relatives of the donors often neglect to call Thai Red Cross when the donors pass away. This year, we aim to change that!

This year's theme is 'Call for Merit', as we are encouraging the relatives to make a donation call to help their dead loved ones making the very last merit. To highlight that point, in the recent annual exhibition, we created a interactive LCD screen featuring the organ receivers and a dial-able phone. After dealing the Red Cross number, the organ receivers will speak up and tell their stories of how they are the living proof that merit exists. We also start a new Instragram tag trend for willing audiences to help us spreading the donation number as well.